Course Creation : 3 Best Tools Beginners


Whether you’re creating an online course, setting up marketing automation, or designing your website, Kajabi has your back.

You shouldn’t have to pay for multiple tools to sell your knowledge. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to encounter tech headaches stringing multiple systems together.

• Create the perfect product with our course builder
• Set up your own branded online store
• Get paid easily with a built-in shopping cart
• Send emails to potential buyers & customers
• Build fully automated marketing campaigns
Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.36.32 AM.png
Actual Website #kajabihero
Real people are using Kajabi to quickly and effectively run their online business. With our full suite of marketing, sales, and creation solutions, you can focus on what matters to you most: creating content, sharing your story, and making sales.

#2 Thinkific

Create, market, and sell courses online from your own website

Thinkific brings beautifully simple course creation to your company. Whether you are educating 10 students or 10 million, feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the business.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.38.50 AM.pngYou need to get on Thinkific.

The team is creative, reliable, and offers unbeatable support. They always make sure all my bases are covered and, as a business owner, that’s invaluable.Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness

#3 Teachable

Create and sell beautiful online courses

Your skills and experiences are unique and valuable. Easily build a beautiful course website, share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.45.24 AM


E- Learning industry and online course development has been growing in recent years, market this will evolve in coming years and its going to stay here. I think we shall be seeing such tools for easy and effective way, the users will have more options for free online certification courses created online. So if you feel the zeal to create online course, stop  and start thinking of creating one on these platforms. – #Kennytalk 


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