DIY : Mixologists Mellon Mocktail


Melon Ball Punch Recipe (Summer in a Glass!)

Here goes DIY this way

Step 1 Buy 3 diffrent melons from your local market, wash them and cut it into tow half. Make sure you have removed the visible seeds. Now with your mellon ball scopper start scopping your melon balls 🙂  as shown below.

Step 2: Use a simple tray place all melon balls and keep them to freezer (frozen)

Step 3: Meanwhile you cut fresh lemon slices and mint for final garnish

Step 4 : you will need “lemonade” “Sprite” and sparling “White Grape” bottels for making your mocktail.

Step 5 : Take a picture (huge bowl or glass) for making this Punch, go head add white grape (some dont like the taste of it) little more them half, sprite for sweet taste  and lemonade. the pull put your frozen melons, lime slice mint and add it to this Picture. Refrigerate them for 30 mins to let all the flavours to become one.

Note: If you want cocktail add 30ml to 60ml (per glass) of Vodka or White Rum

Step 6: After 30 mins how to serve. Take an empty glass, Add the frozen melons as you already have some frozen melons that can be used as ice. add some slice of lime and mint leaves and pour the chilled punch into the glass and serve it.

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Source : chinese site and Divas Can Cook


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