Discover Japan 

Arigato 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for visiting here.

My recent short stay in Japan a business visit made me realize that we can still be rooted to our base culture even in this mordern techno world.  There you buy passes as Japanese Tourisum has introduced “Discover Japan” under which you can visit exclusive places. I had heard from local and a buzz on internet in 2015/6 don’t remeber but this about Unmaned station name shimonado station 

Beautiful senearic view a combination of sea road and railway.  A must visit place for locals and tourists 

The station is unmaned but if you meet locals they are amazed to see you there. Make sure you have train schedules in your pocket if you have to go back to city. Although there are few hotels you can reside overnight to see the sunrise/sunset if you have missed it. 

Train to go there it’s called Yosan Line or if you hire a car even that’s a beautiful journey. 

Futamichokushi, Iyo, Ehime Prefecture 799-3312, Japan

Images : google and iPhone photography 


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