Awesome Tester – Responsivator

I am writing this post to Share with you all.

I recently delivered the pilot on responsive design It was a big challenge for my Project Manager for making/convincing my client on how without using/buying various devices we tested their products on different resolution’s which was full proof.

My client was surprised and delighted and we bagged the project


Go to the Responsivator website and enter the url of the website. Check the hide header option. This will generate you a url, I tried this

If you’d like to customize the screen sizes, click the customize button in Responsivator and adjust the frames settings

Sample Screen Shot


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  1. This means that you will get to play games way before they are released.
    Your odds of becoming a video game tester greatly increase if you get the proper coaching as well as info.
    High skilled programmers are experts in various development languages, their extensive training
    and vast knowledge of most aspect of a game makes them rare
    assets in this technology driven world.


    1. Anil (Ken) says:

      @sherill beta testing is always an advantage to user and product developers


  2. Kovacs estimates that the endorsement time will take seven to thirteen days,
    putting GV Mobile+ in the App Store sometime subsequent week.
    There have been many articles lately telling us why we should “jailbreak” our i –
    Phones, how-to “jailbreak” them and where to get one of the programs for carrying
    out a “jailbreak”. Furthermore it is also an financial issue for apple to
    keep the traffic to app store for applications purchasing.


    1. Anil (Ken) says:

      @clara thanks a lot 🙂


  3. And that is the game he will work on for awhile, say a year or two.
    Video game testers are an essential part to any
    successful game release. However, it is another to have what it really takes to be a solid video game tester.


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