Articulate Studio ’09 Pro Update 7 Now Available:)

You can update to the latest release by using the download link provided in your original activation email.  You can also download the latest installer here. This is a free update for all Studio ’09 licensees.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 7 (3.3.1009.1313) was released September 16, 2010 and addressed the following items:

  • Fixed issue where a McAfee Anti-Virus bug would cause .NET applications to open slowly on first launch
  • Fixed issue where silent installations would take a long time in proxied environments
  • Fixed generic GDI+ error that could occur when saving and returning to Presenter

Quizmaker ’09 Update 6 (3.3.1005.1623) was released May 20, 2010 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for publishing to PowerPoint 2010
  • Added support for deactivating
  • Fixed issue where Drop-Down boxes wouldn’t display Asian characters
  • Fixed issue where Print Results would only show last statement of Likert questions
  • Fixed issue where Print Results numbering would start at 2
  • Fixed issue where audio quality would not be updated on using the Save and Return to Presenter button
  • Fixed issue with Articulate Online and Answer Breakdown report for numeric questions with really long answers
  • Fixed issue where skipping a slide via branching would cause incomplete status in AO

Quizmaker ’09 Update 5 (3.2.907.1413) was released July 15, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for H.264 MP4 video
  • Enhanced quality of inserted FLVs when scaled
  • Fixed issue where branching would not work if user skipped Essay question
  • Fixed issue where NEXT button would be labeled SUBMIT
  • Fixed issue where question data would not be sent in IE8
  • Fixed issue where Print Results didn’t print question data in IE8
  • Fixed JS error when clicking on hyperlink set to open full-screen in new browser window
  • Fixed rounding issue with passing score display on results slide
  • Fixed issue where quiz as tab in Presenter would not track question data
  • Fixed issue where emailed quiz results would be a month behind
  • Fixed out of memory issues when publishing some large quizzes
  • Fixed issues where likert scale questions don’t maintain custom scales when publishing to word
  • Fixed issues with LMS reporting when Submit One at a Time was selected
  • Fixed issues where slide numbers would show incorrectly in printed results
  • Fixed issues with bullets on different Operating Systems
  • Fixed issues where patterns were preserved when switching themes
  • Changed wording for Insert Flash to Insert Flash Movie
  • Fixed issue where really long quizzes would not prompt to resume locally
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker would crash after rapidly inserting an FLV and saving question

Quizmaker ’09 Update 4 (3.1.903.321) was released March 4, 2009 and addressed the following items:

  • Added support for removing correct answer from quiz review
  • Added support for including quiz title in email results (as in Quizmaker 2)
  • Added support for Answer Level feedback in Word output
  • Added support for adjusting quality settings when editing a Quizmaker quiz in Presenter
  • Added support for removing question detail from printed results when review mode is turned off
  • Added switch to disable check for updates in registry
  • Added more robust support for really large quizzes
  • Added support for automated manual activation process to improve response time for email activations
  • Enhanced performance for large quizzes when using “Submit all at once” feature
  • Fixed issue where finish button would not work on Macs
  • Fixed issue where animation added to the master text area was not displayed at runtime
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker would send blank email results when an answer contained an apostrophe
  • Fixed issue where numeric questions displayed feedback when “Submit all at once” was selected
  • Fixed issue where printing quiz results in Presenter presentation omitted date/time, student score
  • Fixed issue where shadow wouldn’t display on partially transparent PNG
  • Fixed issue where text would become small when switching between Form View and Slide View and adding hyperlinks
  • Fixed issues with points on “Submit All at Once” quizzes and numeric questions
  • Fixed issue where publishing to Word on non-English operating system would not work
  • Fixed issue with text crispness for bulleted text
  • Fixed issue where trial could not be extended more than once
  • Fixed issue where .QUIZ files wouldn’t launch when double-clicked while running “Repair” in the installer
  • Fixed issue where printed results wouldn’t work when published to CD
  • Fixed issue where clicking undo would switch view
  • Fixed issues where newline and quotes would cause issues with AICC reporting on a Mac
  • Fixed issue where Finish button would disappear when printing results
  • Fixed issue where underlines on misspelled words wouldn’t appear
  • Fixed issues with text formatting and bulleted text
  • Fixed issues where AICC files weren’t zipped when selecting ZIP from Publish Successful dialog
  • Fixed issue where only 9 Likert statements would be sent in email
  • Fixed issues where text answers would not be stored in resumed quiz
  • Fixed issue where objects wouldn’t be copied when changing theme
  • Fixed issues with updating Quizmaker 2 quizzes to Quizmaker ’09 when reporting and tracking contained an ampersand (&)
  • Fixed issue where feedback would shrink, not scroll the feedback dialog
  • Fixed issue where max characters wouldn’t work with Essay questions
  • Fixed issue where numbered list wouldn’t indent correctly
  • Fixed issue where publishing to CD then to Web wouldn’t remove CD files
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t alter Results Slide text in Slide View
  • Fixed issue where text wouldn’t display in Word Bank questions when switching animations
  • Fixed issue with exception when using format bar
  • Fixed issue with exception when user’s Application Data folder was read-only
  • Fixed issues with FLV in new window
  • Fixed issue with quiz loading in preview in Presenter
  • Fixed issue where hyperlinking bulleted text would remove some of the indent
  • Fixed issue where expanding groups would shift view
  • Fixed issue where duplicating question would duplicate wrong question
  • Fixed issue where importing questions into Quizmaker would remove lock to bottom
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker wouldn’t launch when My Documents was mapped to weird folder
  • Fixed issue where Sequence Drag and Drop wouldn’t move up or down consistently
  • Fixed issue where FLV in new window won’t display in Presenter when published to CD
  • Fixed issue with alignment where –select– statements wouldn’t be vertically aligned
  • Fixed issue with Record Mic dialog header text
  • Fixed issues with Goes to URL in Firefox
  • Fixed issue with alignment of text in cubes
  • Fixed issue with exception when previewing Hotspot Question without a text box
  • Fixed issue where Quizmaker wouldn’t report correctly in Dokeos and some older Saba LMS versions
  • Removed Reset Sound button in Slide View
  • Removed the correct choice from shuffle of Sequence Drag and Drop questions

Quizmaker ’09 Update 3 (3.0.901.713) was released January 8, 2009 and addressed the following item:

  • Added support for silent installation to Studio ’09 installer.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 2 (3.0.811.3020) was released December 1, 2008 and addressed the following item:

  • Fixed issue with alignment of Likert scale radio buttons.

Quizmaker ’09 Update 1 (3.0.811.1819) was released November 19, 2008 and addressed the following items:

  • Added a single installer for all Studio ’09 products.
  • Added District of Columbia as a state under Registration.
  • Added a message if connection drops in Articulate Online when submitting results.
  • Added a message if session is expired and content is expired in Articulate Online.
  • Added “Do not show again” option for Flash Player warning when launching application.
  • Improved SuspendData for Learning Management Systems that use XML to package SCORM communication.
  • Fixed multiple activation issues.
  • Fixed issue where images would lose transparency copying and pasting from PowerPoint to Quizmaker.
  • Fixed link to Documentation under Help.
  • Fixed issue where Help links were not active in Windows 2000.
  • Fixed issue where activation would error.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add a lot of feedback text.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t publish or preview.
  • Fixed issue where text in slide view would appear different in edit mode.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t edit text styling.
  • Fixed issue where cursor would remain an hourglass after previewing.
  • Fixed issue where you would get a time limit exceeded when looking at results page.


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